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Le Marsupilami, tome Houba Banana (French) Board book – October 14, . Board book; Publisher: Marsu productions; MARSU PRODUCTIONS edition.

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If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact number. Sending an email using this page does not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or respond to your email. If this is an emergency do not use this form. Call or your nearest hospital. Back HealthProfs. Back Location. Aetna Acupuncturists in Verified by HealthProfs. Office is near:. With over 50 years of extensive Western and Chinese medical experience, compassion, caring, and a holistic approach, I have successfully helped many patients with various health challenges including difficult cases that could not be helped with Western medicine.

View Email. In Chinese Medicine, there is no separation between mind, body, or spirit. The Shen, or Spirit, is the animating force behind and within every physiological function. Whether my clients suffer from muscle or joint pains, glandular imbalance, menstrual or fertility issues, digestive or eating disorders, gallstones or gout, illuminating one's predisposition and the expression of Shen is where we discover the origination in recovering our health.

Jerry Kim Acupuncturist , LAc. I specialize in all types of arthritis.

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Do you want to improve your IVF success rate? I can help you! I've help many patients to relieve pain. Being a part of the 4th generation of Traditional Chinese Medicine family in Taiwan, I always strive to exceed my patients' expectations. My patients are treated with the upmost honesty, care and respect.


We take the time to listen to you and consider all aspects of your health concerns that other physicians may have overlooked. We take an individual-focused approach, tailoring each treatment to address your symptoms as well as the root cause of your condition. Carolyn is a licensed acupuncturist and general practitioner specializing in chronic pain conditions such as back and shoulder pain, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, car accident injuries, sports injuries, migraines, fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and addiction. She takes great joy in helping her patients alleviate their pain and feel their best.

Are you struggle on insomnia?

Are you willing to loss weight? Are you tired of drugs? Are you looking for alternate medical to get rid of side affect from chemo and radiation therapy? AC would like to help you, who had trained and had 20 years clinical experience as a traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in China and licensed acupuncturist". With over 28 years of clinical experience, I have helped many resolve their acute and chronic health problems, including sports and work-related injuries, arthritis, headaches, digestive complaints, and sleep disorders.

I can work with you to attain your optimum level of activity and health. I typically employ deep acupressure before doing acupuncture, a unique style, and use food, herbs and supplements to strengthen the body.

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I enjoy teaching people about the traditional oriental philosophy and methods, and also teach relaxation practices and yoga poses. Integrating many aspects of Chinese medicine, my goal is to achieve the most optimal results. I see a wide range of conditions, from HIV and Hepatitis C co-infection, women's health and reproductive issues, allergies and asthma to all types of pain issues. I specialize in using acupuncture to balance the body, and calm the mind. I find that often someone will come to me about a specific pain complaint and after a few treatments report that the pain is resolved in addition to sleeping better or feeling less stressed.

Or do you feel like losing hope to have a baby or Sexual Dysfunction? Or even want to have more energy or stay younger in Facial Acupuncture lifting? Margaret Zeng is knowledgeable to treat individual in different way by seasonally, by using universal energy to balance whole body. She created the unique "Moving Qi Technology" can bring the best and fast result, not only in physical body but also bring the peace, serenity and relaxation after treatment.

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Do you have issues with anxiety, depression, fatigue, indigestion, and insomnia? Are you concerned about women's health such as infertility, and hot flashes? I have helped many patients to reduce pain, facilitate innate healing ability, and improve organs function by using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and manual therapy Tuina. My office is located in the medical building right across Mount Zion Hospital and having very convenient transportation.

A food that tastes like kapha sweet or pitta sour in the mouth might change to vata bitter somewhere during its alimentary journey. Doshas' potencies are thought to rise and fall in seasonal curves. Moreover, the doshas can become unbalanced not only by external factors such as climate and diet, but by internal causes such as karma-dimming improper thoughts and actions. Thoughts can change the quality of food. Thus cleanliness and purity of mind and body are basic to the Ayurvedic concept of health, which entails a variety of purification rituals for mental and physical well-being.

Those aimed at protecting the physical body involve elimination, purging, vomiting, and techniques of internal cleansing.

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These practices aim mainly at keeping the gross srotas unblocked. Ayurveda has no construct that corresponds exactly to the Chinese notion of acupoints through which the body's animating energy can be manipulated. With the aid of such modem diagnostic tools, healers formulate a course of treatment consisting entirely of traditional folk cures, such as the drawing of magical diagrams, or the administration of pills made from pulverized sacred writings.

Still, some modern students of Ayurveda are returning to ancient texts for deeper study of the marmas. One school of thought holds that the marmas are points where the link between mind and body, and perhaps between the body and the universal order, is particularly vital. The theory goes that removing blockages at the marmas might enhance health and even cure disease. Its diagnostic tools are characteristically complicated. A cursory examination entails eight steps.

The initial one is taking the pulse, which even in the most superficial reading is said to provide a plethora of information about the state of the doshas. A light and rapid beat shows disruption of the vata, while a disturbed pitta registers in a jumpy pulse, and an afflicted kapha in a slow, heavy beat. China was quicker to unite its classical methods with occidental ways; 67 A stream of warm oil drizzles onto the forehead of a patient undergoing shirodhara at a Washington, D.

As part of a series of purification therapies designed to balance the body's doshas, or vital energies, shirodhara is believed to "increase co- A traditional Ayurvedic doctor, or vaidya, dispenses herbal medica- herence in brain functioning, tlons in a contemporary Indian clinic. They are essentially a captive audience, however, for in the rural areas of India, Ayurveda is the only medicine practiced. In India today, however, an effort is under way to retrieve and test the ancient lore.

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There are nearly , Ayurvedic practitioners in India, and Ayurveda is taught along with Western medicine in Indian universities. There is a story that an ancient Ayurvedic sage tested his students by having them seek out plants that could not be used medicinally. This student passed the test. And, in recent years, Ayurvedic clinics have begun to spring up in America.

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The chief complaint, as with Chinese healing, is that there is little or no scientific basis or support for it. Even so, some highly reputable doctors in the United States, Europe, and South America have begun to take an interest in the Ayurvedic arts. If Ayurveda is still a comparative stranger to the West, Yoga is a familiar acquaintance. This ancient practice-reflected in both the Hinduism and Buddhism that are practiced in India, and thought by some to be older than both—became a subculture staple during the blossoming neo-mysticism in the United States and parts of Europe in the s.

Some of its many variations remain highly popular among modem New Age enthusiasts.