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I understand light years! Me with a group in the dome of Gran Telescopio Canario. Once I saw that the observatory guide book was a success, I followed it up with an anthology of stories for children. Most of the stories are based on a real historical event on the island with a story created around it.

That sells less well but steadily.

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I made a conscious decision to use plenty of humour in the guide book. It comes naturally to me, but I expanded it because a lot of my target audience are nervous of astrophysics, and humour is relaxing and reassuring. I used lots of photos to help make the book accessible and attractive but also because I like photography and had a lot of photos already. The northern end of the Roque de Los Muchachos. I got a really good price on the layout because I had a friend just getting started in the business who needed something to show other customers.

She did a great job thanks Helen! That made the layout slower, but I was busy translating anyway. My Spanish is pretty good, but not like a native speaker, so I paid to have the Spanish version corrected. And then the whole thing needed proofreading, and proofreading again. When the books arrived, I spent ages going around the island persuading as many local shops as possible to stock them.

The guide book to the observatory, available in English or Spanish. My shop, which needs updating. I dreamed I had an official book launch in the posh, historic room the island council uses for such things. In my dream the only people who came were a family of cockroaches. Between the dream and life being busy, I never really had a proper launch. The books arrived, the tourism council bought of them, and the money started to trickle in. As promised the tourism council bought books which covered layout, printing and shipping.

Of course, sales dropped off after that, but there were no more big bills to pay. I had books out on sale or return, and it took awhile for them to sell and longer for me to hear about it, but it leveled off at around 8 a month for the rest of the first year. That has the added advantage of a higher profit margin. The firms who take people out stargazing also sell books on commission, as do local shops. Oddly enough, a local T shirt shop does really well. I wore one of their T shirts of the telescopes for work all one summer, which was great free advertising for them, so they agreed to try the book and see.

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Once they found it did well, they started a sideline in astronomy themed souvenirs, like planispheres and umbrellas with glow-in-the-dark stars inside which has worked very well for them, too. The huge Grantecan telescope at sunset. At long last, the visitor centre for the observatory will be opening in the summer of I'm hoping that means lots more visitors to the observatory and that their shop there will sell plenty of books. All the online sales get posted with a cover letter. It took me ages to think of mentioning my other books at the bottom of the page, and another age to think of asking for Amazon reviews.

Amazon has been rather frustrating.

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  • People tend to tour the observatory, buy the book and then friend me on Facebook because they liked the book and the tour. And then Amazon deletes their reviews because they're my friends. Professors that are engaging with the online students are better at assisting online students who are struggling. My number one piece of practical advice is that students should NOT engage in their online course at the same desk where they usually work.

    If they have a home office, sit at the kitchen table instead. If home is too noisy, try downloading the lessons to your phone and viewing them during your train commute. Logging in to the course at the same place where you usually work can be too distracting and not conducive to learning. Also, consider breaking-up the time in order to get through the material. It can be a challenge to carve out time to be a successful online student when you have a full-time career and personal responsibilities. The best way to combat this is to dedicate time to your online degree.

    Schedule time in your day to complete your coursework. During that scheduled time, you should be in a dedicated space that allows you to concentrate fully on your coursework.

    How to Excel in Online Learning | Student Guide to Digital Classrooms

    A huge benefit to online degree programs is the time saved by not driving to and from a traditional class and being able to manage time to meet your needs. Be active in the student community. I cannot emphasize this enough!

    Students can learn as much, and sometimes more, from their peers as from their professors. Engage in student discussions and forums instead of expecting the professor to answer all of your questions. Stay well organized! From there, students should make an action plan that moves them toward completing all expectations and requirements of the online course. You're about to search for degree programs related to a career that you are researching. It's important to recognize that a degree may be required for a career or increase your chances of employment but it is not a guarantee of employment when you complete your degree.

    Robin Strempek View Bio. Start your path to success by dodging these common mistakes: Assuming your classes will be easy. Upgrade Study Skills.

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    Learn the Lingo. Not creating a dedicated study space. Procrastinating on assignments. Manage Your Time Wisely. Hire a Tutor. Not being an active participant in class. Be Social. Losing motivation. Break up marathon study sessions Instead of spending 10 straight hours cramming for that psychology exam, try breaking up study sessions into smaller segments.

    Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students

    Create a study schedule Like eating breakfast or working out at the same time, students who create a study routine and have the discipline to stick to it are able to study information over a longer amount of time instead of staying up late the night before. Clear your space While it may seem counterintuitive to take extra time to clean your room or office before settling down to study, a study by Princeton University found that people who keep their spaces clean are able to process information and focus better. Take advantage of online resources As shown throughout this guide, there are tons of apps to help students study, ranging from timed practice quizzes to flash cards.

    Stay mentally and physically healthy Online students are likely to spend more time at their computers than traditional learners, making it imperative to take breaks, go on walks, get the recommended amount of sleep, and eat foods that nourish their bodies. Before Know the guidelines Find out when to log in, time limits, and if you need a proctor. Think about format Will there be an essay or is it all short answer and multiple choice? Use practice tests If available, find time to test yourself before the real thing. Find a good test-taking spot Whether your room, office, or elsewhere, find a quiet place to focus.

    During Pay attention to time Consider setting an alarm at intervals to stay on pace.