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Le Marsupilami, tome Houba Banana (French) Board book – October 14, . Board book; Publisher: Marsu productions; MARSU PRODUCTIONS edition.

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And her prospective boss, Dax Girard, was so gorgeous that he'd cle But from the moment she rolled into Texas and clashed with sexy rebel Jericho Bravo, she was finding all sorts of reasons to stay put. Too bad t Regal, reserved Irina Lukovic was the perfect live-in housekeeper. Until she found out she was being sent back to her war-torn homeland. So Caleb Bravo came up with the ideal solution Word on the street is that hotshot hotel magnate Connor McFarlane is in Thunder Canyon this summer to buy out the local resort! At first Tori Jones was furious, but now she seems to think Connor isn't the corporate shark everyone says he is.

And when Well, if lightning didn't strike twice, then how could a night of passion with her former lover, Matt Bravo, leave Corrine Lonnigan pregnant with his child They already had a beautiful little girl, and Luke Bravo was stunned when Mercy Cabrera showed up in the middle of the night to treat his prize stud.

The exotic girl he remembered had matured into a skilled vet--and a sultry, passionate woman he knew he should s All Gabe Bravo wanted was to convince Mary Hofstetter to sell him her land. But the young widow had barely told him to hightail it off her property before going into labor.

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Being an honor After being dumped by her boyfriend, Tessa wasn't taking nonsense from any man. But how could she turn away this injured stranger who'd stumbled onto her property in the middle of a blizzard? A man who didn't know who he was or how he'd ended up in t Crystal Cerise's secret affair with her best friend's brother was supposed to be just that. An affair. And a secret. So her world turned upside down the instant she discovered she was pregnant.

Yes, she'd always been half in love with Tanner Bravo. But from the moments she accepted his job offer, Tom knew he was going to h Nine years ago Kelly Bravo and Michael Vakulic went their separate ways--he to a new name and a new life, she to a family she never knew she had. And then Kelly comes across a tantalizingly familiar photo in the newspaper. Her long-lost Michael has r Marcus Reid couldn't say. But then Hayley Bravo opened her door, and he got a good look at her burgeoning stomach! She appeared to be about eight months along. So was this proof that she'd gotten over him fast And this mover and shaker's many charms aren When Charlene Cooper was eighteen, she turned to Brand Bravo in desperation And then ten years later, Charlene was forced to turn to him again--this time with a baby in her arms and a burning question in her he Well, the wedding of Angie Dellazola and Brett Bravo may have seemed hasty.

But in fact they'd known each other all their lives--and, as each of them was the self-appointed sole sane member of their respective families, what better way to ensure that Plain Jane Megan Schumacher was the most dependable person on Danbury Way, the sleek suburban cul-de-sac where she lived over her sister's garage. Certainly not the kind of girl who would rock anyone's boat -- until she fell for Name your price. So when the handsome CEO of one of Las Vegas's most successful gaming resorts made her an irresistible proposal, she kn As editor of Alpha, the ultimate men's magazine, B.

Carlyle is out to prove to her father, the publisher, that she's got what it takes to become editor in chief -- even if it means swallowing her pride and getting her ex, Buck Bravo, for December' Ralphie Styles had a way with women--lots of women. Country-singer-turned-bartender Phoebe Jacks ought to know--she'd been married to him--before he'd moved on to her best friend. And then her other best friend. But you just couldn't stay mad at R Rumor had it that Lori Lee Billingworth's son was the result of a one-night stand.

Little did attorney Tucker Bravo know that he was the man involved. For Lori Lee and her twin sister had traded places on prom night, and nobody After surviving a robbery, a bank teller realizes that love is all that matters and confesses her secret desire for a courageous cop The Thunder Canyon Nugget reports that the annual mail-order bride reenactment was a smashing success -- until librarian Katie Fenton found herself hitched to a mystery man!

Our local cutie was stunned to find herself gazing into the eyes of handsome Yet here she was expecting Tate Bravo's baby. The very man who thought her town was his town So why couldn't Starr Bravo think of at least one? Maybe because though she'd been in love with rancher Beau Tisdale since she was sixteen, they'd agreed that this "summer of love" was just that. He had been in hiding for years, but the sight of Dulcie Samples, with her girl-next-door appeal, was enough to finally draw Prince Valbrand into the light. Ebooks

Yet Valbrand, whose face -- not to mention spirit -- had taken a serious hit from the assassi Taking destiny in hand, three women were determined to have families of their own Nurses Rachel, Lily and Jenna never thought meeting Mr. Right would be so tough. After all, they were smart Princess Liv Thorson honestly believed she could skulk back to America, her uncharacteristic night of passion a secret known only to a sympathetic sister Then came the baby Elli Thorson, displaced Nordic princess, was used to an occasional reminder of where she came from.

But even she was surprised at the sight of the handsome if hulking man in her apartment. He said he'd come by All I want for Christmas: 1 A good bottle of champagne 2 A free-range turkey 3 A cozy snow-covered cabin With that list, lifestyle columnist Jillian Diamond was making a statement about what she didn't want for Christmas -- a man. Of cours When it came to choosing the wrong man, Jane Elliott had written the book.

Rust Creek Cowboys, Book 4. A Maverick and a Half. The Maverick Fakes A Bride! The Great Family Roundup, Book 1. Where Phoebe is open with him and everyone else, she behaves very stiffly with Clementine, which hurts Clementine immensely.

Every Little Kiss

Felt so bad Clementine. The three people she craves love and affection from --her mother, Logan and Phoebe-- are the very people who keep hurting her by keeping her at a polite distance. Her mother, who's now cleaned up her act, lives in the same town, but never speaks to Clementine. Clementine and Logan begin to lean on each other as they battle with their issues and problems and while doing so they have to also fight their attraction for one another because giving into it would only complicate things even more for them.

I liked that even though, there were no sex scenes in the book, the sexual attraction and passion between the pair was palpable. It wasn't sidelined like in some romance books that have social issues or suspense in them. In this book, you could feel it. Despite of the decision they'd taken, they'd be so consumed by passion at times that they couldn't help sneak in a kiss or two. I also liked all the secondary characters especially Logan's adorable nephews, Clementine's grandmother and Phoebe.

I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a clean, heartwarming , emotional romance. Dec 18, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: Logan discovers that his father isn't who he thought it was and goes into an emotional tailspin; Clementine finally is able to be a foster mother after being a foster child herself and she finds the perfect child--related to Logan's biological father. Logan's struggle with his family history was very interesting, and I loved Clementine and her adoptive family. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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