Zweilicht (German Edition)

Le Marsupilami, tome Houba Banana (French) Board book – October 14, . Board book; Publisher: Marsu productions; MARSU PRODUCTIONS edition.

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This cheese sausage batter is quick and easy to make, using items from your store cupboard like a spare egg, flour and gravy. If you don't want to make your own mash, buy a couple of packets of Everyday Value instant mashed potato g for 20p each. Turn this simple, healthy broccoli, red pepper and cheese frittata into a filling dinner by serving it with garlic bread.

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It's quick and easy, perfect for a busy week. Salads can be filling too.

5 Ingredient Lemon Chicken with Asparagus

This main-course fried potato and sausage salad is filling and you can use the condiments in your cupboard - such as ketchup, vinegar and mustard? Perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner, this courgette, bacon and chilli pasta bake is tasty and filling. Make it cheaper by using dried chilli and dried herbs instead of fresh.

Spanish omelettes are filling and healthy as they're made with spuds and peppers. Try this simple Spanish-style tortilla recipe for a quick midweek dinner. No Friday night takeaway pizza needed. Make Gino D'Acampo's classic Margherita pizza instead. It's quick, easy and loads tastier than any ready-made ones. Items : Passata g 79p, 2 x Basics mozzarella cheese ball g 44p, basil bunch 28g 80p, strong white bread flour 1. This Women's Weekly recipe for courgette, garlic and herb oaty crust quiche is perfect for Sunday lunch or dinner.

You can use any cream cheese with garlic and herbs, but we've used Roule here. With pesto, mozzarella cheese and red onion, this Woman's Weekly recipe for open Mediterranean lasagne is packed with delicious Italian flavours, perfect for summer. A twist on the classic recipe, this cottage pie with hash browns is filling, tasty and cheap, especially as you'll already have some of the ingredients like ketchup and stock.

Use frozen chicken breast as it's cheaper than fresh to make this creamy spaghetti alfredo pasta dish with broccoli and cream cheese. Packed with vegetables such as carrots, peppers and tomatoes, this hearty bean and root vegetable casserole is filling and so easy to make. We've used dried herbs to keep it cheap and Pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan.

Items : Onion 9p, carrot 10p, celery 89p, red pepper 80p, Smartprice chopped tomatoes g 31p, 2 x Smartprice red kidney beans in water g 27p each, Chosen by You Grated Pecorino Romano DOP 50g 90p. Sloppy Joe's is an American-style burger sandwich, perfect for a summery Saturday nights supper.

Serve with Basics coleslaw g for an extra 45p. This bacon, tomato, spinach and ricotta pasta makes a great Sunday dinner - we've used normal tomatoes as they're cheaper. Or, make your own sundried ones by cutting tomatoes in half, removing the seeds, sprinkling with salt and herbs and leaving outside in a covered glass dish. The key to main course salads is tasty filling ingredients like potatoes and halloumi cheese in this delicious warm radish, halloumi, potato and cherry tomato salad.

This quick and easy bacon and chilli pasta is a handy recipe to fall back on during ultra-busy weeks - use dried basil to keep it under budget. Cheaper cuts of chicken, like chicken wings, are great for budget meals and full of flavour. This Peri-peri chicken dish is a real winner - great with couscous or chips and coleslaw. Light yet filling, this spring courgette and pesto pasta dish is simple to make, and sprinkled over with fresh basil and a tasty vegetarian Parmesan cheese alternative.

Salads can be filling meals as this pasta, potato and bacon salad shows.