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But while progress towards open access had certainly advanced across the world in that time, it also felt like there was still an awfully long way to go to make scientific publishing open by default and truly fit for the web. For me, eLife therefore represented a further opportunity to explore how journals could work better online, as well as a chance to build a team from scratch to help turn interesting ideas into something tangible.

As I learned more about the first staff position to be recruited initially called the Managing Executive Editor , I became all the more enthusiastic to apply and was delighted when I was selected for the position. From November , I spent my first few months recruiting a team of professionals with all the necessary experience. Our top priority was then to get the journal off the ground, publish great papers, and introduce a peer review process that would give researchers as editors, reviewers and authors a constructive and collegial experience.

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The process was devised by the founding Editor-in-Chief of eLife, Randy Schekman and was launched by a team of world-class scientist editors, recruited by Randy. This community of researchers created the buzz around eLife which then turned into submissions, and the journal grew rapidly over the first few years and now publishes around articles each month. During those first few years, we also spent time working on our long-term goals and mission for eLife. We knew we wanted to run an outstanding journal, and quite rightly this has always been our focus, but what was the ultimate purpose of our initiative?

In these discussions, one of the themes that we could not escape was the way that existing incentives in science perversely encourage secrecy, suspicion and lack of trust. Many parties involved in research feel that the journal system, where publication in elite journals is considered to be the mark of success, has led to an unhealthy, hyper-competitive culture in science. Of course, journals are not the only factors at play here, but we wanted eLife to be an initiative that is more inclusive, celebrates great science in all its forms, and promotes values such as transparency and collaboration.

Our journal is core to this mission, but there were two other broad and complementary areas of work where we felt we had to try and make progress.

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First, although eLife was created using infrastructure that has and, in some areas, continues to serve our purposes very well, we felt there was a huge opportunity to develop new technology to improve research communication and drive discovery. Crucially, not only should that technology serve our needs, it should also be usable by a broad community of organisations and people. So began our efforts to build out our product and technology teams, which now represents around half of the staff team. We have also put a lot of effort into creating and participating in a community to work together on these tools.

I have learned a great deal from colleagues and collaborators in this aspect of our work. The work is painstaking and challenging, but thanks to the commitment of our funders, including the newest funder, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, we are making steady progress. We also recognise that cultural change is a long road and there are many ways that we work on this: publishing relevant content, advocacy and outreach, online events, community building and so on.

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The legacy we leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives. What preparations should we be making now? The greatest waste in all of our earth, which cannot be recycled or reclaimed, is our waste of the time that God has given us each day.

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This is to have succeeded. A true writer longs to leave behind a piece of themselves, something that withstands the test of time and is passed down for generations.

Organic wine gradually leaving its mark in the French wine industry –

What will you legacy be? Live your best life by creating a legacy you can be proud of. Marelisa Fabrega is a lawyer and entrepreneur. You can learn more about her here. Recent Posts.

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  • This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. How to Leave a Lasting Legacy by Marelisa. Deciding what your legacy will be can help you with all the following: Once you know what you want your legacy to be, you can start building it.

    The Reality of Leaving a Mark on the World

    You can start living in the way you want to be remembered. It will allow you to start doing what matters, now. Knowing what you want your legacy to be will allow you to make better use of your time and other resources. It will influence your day-to-day decisions in a positive way. Gaining clarity on what you want your legacy to be can give your life meaning and purpose.

    You will live your life as if you matter. What Will Your Verse Be? See Yourself As a Relay Runner In a relay race, members of a team take turns running while they hold a baton in their fist.

    Then, you should ask yourself questions like the following: Who would give a eulogy at your funeral? What will they miss about you?

    There’s much more to fingermarks than meets the dye

    What positive attributes will they associate you with? How are they describing you? Jefferson wanted an obelisk with the following engraved on it: Here was buried Thomas Jefferson. Nonetheless, an ordinary life lived well and lived with grace can make an important difference in the lives of others. What words do you want etched on your tombstone?

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