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By Brian Honigman.

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The artificial heart has been around for decades with varied success. Constructing a machine that can withstand the human circulatory system and can pump 35 million times a year is quite difficult.

This man-made heart will hopefully act as a long-term replacement for patients waiting to get a heart transplant, improving their quality of life while in transition. Known as a "bioprosthetic," it is comprised of two chambers, encased in the same sac that encloses a cow's heart.

Saving Lives & Changing Hearts

Then we teach how to ask challenging and thought-provoking questions in a loving manner, in a way that will best help the other person really think through her position. It is a great way to start the discussion on the central issue, the question of whether or not unborn living human beings have the right to live.

Most people can agree that opening dialogue and simple polls are good tools to get people discussing abortion. However, perhaps the biggest controversy lies in one of the methods Justice For All uses: a large, foot-tall display with graphic images depicting the aftermath of an abortion procedure. Many passers-by express gratitude that the Justice For All team does not engage in yelling or shouting: the graphic images speak loudly enough.

But naturally, there are pro-choice and pro-life activists alike who become very upset at the use of graphic images in such public places such as college campuses.

PROLIFE Across AMERICA "The Billboard People" Changing Hearts and Saving Lives

Reporters were shocked she would do this, and they asked her why she would choose an open-casket funeral. In a very public way, America saw the horror of what racism meant practically.

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They saw the face of racism in what had been done to Emmitt. The Justice For All exhibit, in a similar fashion, shows the face of choice, the horror of what abortion does to unborn children. Lori Navrodtzke is such a woman.

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Just this spring, a young woman named Amanda passed by the Justice For All display. This was enough for him to see the short and long term impacts abortion would have on me. Central Texas Life Care has been, and is still currently being, a great support system.

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Specifically, The Material Assistance Program prepared us as parents to know exactly what to expect in our pregnancy, and especially helped Joseph become more confident in being ready to be a dad. Months in, we found out the gender and named our daughter Aiala….. She is so beautiful. She means everything to me. Joseph became the best father I could have ever asked for. It breaks my heart to share that he passed away unexpectedly last week.

SLJ Review of Saving Lives and Changing Hearts | Rob Laidlaw

But I will forever have with me the heartfelt memories of his great love for Aiala. He was the one who did most of her diaper changing and bathing, and all the while working overnight shifts. She will be raised right and with love. I know God was with us and guiding us, the whole time through all of this.

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Saving Lives & Changing Hearts: Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres

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