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Hugo Ennslin, Recipes for Mixed Drinks , Second edition generally considered the last major cocktail book in the US prior to Prohibition; includes a slew of important and interesting recipes from the teens. Robert Vemeire, Cocktails , Perhaps the most successful cocktail book ever, particularly in Europe; well-edited snapshot of the time; helps introduce a number of new drinks including the Sidecar.

A number of the drinks receive attributions, including the Sidecar. Updated sporadically with new drinks. Judge, Jr. Harry Craddock, Savoy Cocktail Book , Visually magnificent, hugely popular and influential; also almost entirely plagiarized and the source of some misinformation; problematic. Julien J. Bar La Florida Cocktails , various editions beginning The recipes of Constante Ribalaigua, who was probably the king of 20th-century bartenders. Hugely influential original drinks and impeccably-balanced versions of the classics. One of the Ur-sources of the Tiki movement.

Oscar Neirath, Rund um die bar, One of the first attempts at a comprehensive history of the American school of drinking, plus an exhaustive treatment of the tools, techniques and standard categories of mixed drink; illustrated with photographs. Boston series, vastly more ambitious than the pamphlets that preceded it. Distributed on a vast scale, the Old Mr. Boston guides did more than any other book to set the canon of American cocktails.

Frank Meier, Artistry of Mixing Drinks , Unusually lavish cocktail book capturing the mixed drink recipes of a top French hotel bar at its peak. Elvezio Grassi, misture, A book so unique as to be almost surreal. A little bit of history, which is uncorroboratable, followed by a vast number of recipes, most of them unique and completely idiosyncratic. Stanley Clisby Arthur, Famous New Orleans Drinks… , First book to really concern itself with the history of particular drinks; alas, most of the histories are unreliable, if not outright fabrications, although there are plenty of nuggets of verifiable fact to be found.

Unusually well done.

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Williams, 3 Bottle Bar , Popular work aimed at home use novelly explores mixological minimalism, identifying patterns in drink formulae and perfectly anticipating post war asceticism. Lucius Beebe, Stork Club Bar Book, A widely popular book from the premiere bar in America at the time, including a number of original drinks. David Embury, The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks , Setting aside exercises in basic categorization that began with Jerry Thomas, this is the first theoretical book on cocktails; amateur and quixotic in the proportions it uses for its drinks, it is nonetheless indispensable.

Vincent Sardi Jr. Lightly revised second edition in Charles Schumann, American Bar , The foundational text of the rebirth of cocktail culture in Germany. Dale DeGroff, The Craft of the Cocktail , Foundational text of the rebirth of cocktail culture in the United States, basically supplanting Harrington; builds a bridge from first cocktail era to the new one. Gary Regan, Joy of Mixology , Probably the leading popular reference for cocktails in the first decade of the renaissance; also significant as—in its own way—the second theoretical work on cocktails.

Toby Cecchini, Cosmopolitan , First bartender memoir of the cocktail renaissance although most of the story pre-dates.

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Nick Mautone, Raising the Bar , One of first—certainly most fully realized—contemporary drinks book posts defining a distinct culinarily-focused style of mixology, mainly for home use; also a template for the photography-laden style of cocktail book publishing that begins in this era. David Wondrich, Imbibe , State of the art as of of scholarship on the first era of mixology supplanted by second edition in Kazuo Uyeda, Cocktail Techniques , First book detailing the Japanese cocktail aesthetic and technique—albeit from one point of view—translated to English and disseminated in the West; trade book.

David Wondrich, Punch , Unique, exhaustive work on the history and recipes of multi-serving punches. Amy Stewart, The Drunken Botanist , Uniquely approachable guide to the botanical world of spirits [I know this sold well and was appreciated in principle, but was it actually influential in the end? Dave Arnold, Liquid Intelligence , Unique analytical work on mixology, presenting research on diverse practical topics such as chilling and dilution, also application of new non-traditional techniques and technologies.

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Jeff Berry, Potions of the Caribbean , First attempt at the sprawling history of the drinks of the Caribbean; essential context for exotic drink history, as well as general mixology. David Wondrich, Imbibe Second Edition , State of the art as of of scholarship on the first era of mixology.

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Sasha Petraske, Regarding Cocktails , Posthumous and fragmentary, but captures the drinks and some of the other aspects of the indispensable New York bar at the start of the cocktail renaissance. Grant Achatz et al, Aviary Cocktail Book , More art book than anything practical, documents the absolute extreme reached in conceptually, technically and culinarily complex mixed drinks.

This seems like a pretty solid list, though I think the number of older books could be easily whittled down further. Locals take ownership of this third place, causing society to self-regulate: no chairs are stolen, the park even designs and sells them due to their popularity. This park benefits all layers of society while bringing them together. Although corporations took the first steps, it was the public that enabled the success of this endeavor; a long-term investment became profitable because people claimed this third place and identified with it.

A park managed to elevate an entire neighborhood of the Big Apple. Our newsletter is a small step towards making that happen. To inspire you and others in your public space endeavors we started an email list with links and updates from the field.

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